@ salonvideo_SUBmissions: 18/12/2014 – 11/01/2015 (Iași, Romania)


SALON VIDEO and MAGMA Contemporary Art Space cordially invite you to the opening of the archive-exhibition salonvideo_SUBmissions. The project provides an interactive platform for the audience, which we can both actively select and be viewers of the different works. The exhibition presents 70 sound and videoworks, which were submitted to salonvideo’s open call from 2013 for the exhibition MATTERS OF METHOD (Iași, December 6 –22, 2013).


O venres 19 ás 21:00 toco no MARCO de Vigo. Esa mesma noite toca tamén Alberto Bernal, que fai además un obradoiro durante o fin de semana.

Venres 19 ás 21:00
_blank + Alberto Bernal

Concerto do compositor e artista sonoro Alberto Bernal xunto coa barcelonesa _blank, que presentará unha das súas últimas obras de sonificación de datos, dun alcance inmersivo escalofriante.

Alberto Bernal
“O son que non soa”

Sábado 20 de 11.00 a 14.30 e de 17.00 a 21.00
Domingo 21 de 11.00 a 14:30.

Alberto Bernal propón un obradoiro sobre “O son do que non soa” no que se presentarán algúns aspectos técnicos, estéticos e pragmáticos dun traballo musical que parta do impulso doutros medios. Gravacións de campo, son da voz, fotografías, vídeos, movementos, datos socioeconómicos… todo iso tomarase como punto de partida para desenvolver técnicas de sonificación e recodificación que permitan xerar diversos tipos de material musical, sexa en soporte partitura ou en soporte electroacústico.

Mais información

VA – Be Angry not Afraid

A compilation by HAZE netlabel in which I’ve participated with a track entitled “Classify me, Patronize me, Categorize me, Reduce me to One Dimension”.

Compilation curator: Anna Rodina. Compilation coordinator: Dzmitry Ladzes. In cooperation with Gender Route.

Utternoise November 2014

Some music from this year. I don’t know if there’s gonna be Utternoise December or whatever, but right now I don’t have much to do…

Give me back my broken nights

At some point during the 2000s I used to go to gothic clubs. I’ve never been a darkwave or synthpop fan, but there’re some specific songs from the 90/00s that I like, and another ones that I find pretty kitsch and funny.

Some dark synthpop German bands, as And One, are really funny; Wolfsheim are a little too pop for me but they have some good songs; other bands, as Beborn Beton or De/Vision, are just too bland and cliché. In any case, what I find interesting is the fact of listening to that kind of dark music at night clubs; it’s a bit incongruous, to say the least, but it’s also intriguing.

The German dark synthpop from the 90s evolved into something that I find much more interesting, bands like Haujobb and Klangstabil. Haujobb, Klangstabil or Alec Empire are not darkwave or synthpop per se, but synthpop have some things in common with electronic industrial music, and most gothic clubs play both kinds of music (among a lot of other things).

I genuinely like And One, and some specific albums by Wolfsheim and Covenant, but I prefer Haujobb and Klangstabil. In fact, Klangstabil is one of my favourite electronic industrial bands—Taking Nothing Seriously is a really great album. I’ve seen a lot of these bands live here (in Barcelona) and at some German festivals, as Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Maschinenfest, and I have some good and fucked-up memories of that time…

In a Circle Around the Place

Another experiment adding sound to GIF animations. This one was made using Final Cut Pro, Photoshop and Switch. Image and sound are the same files.

I think a need a new clang

He turned away and sauntered across the sound wave. How did he walk with his loudness per second? She came nearer and heard his teeth. A block of white noise brought out the darkness of her eyes. She looked at him. She smelled him. Rainwater perfume. Water to sound.

“Listen to what you can of me.”

He echoed in the bare wavelength.

“Your clanking noises.”

And then, silence.

It’s beyond my modulation

“Why is everything so fucking loud?”

She changed her pitch. As she followed him out into a new sound wave, she seemed out of synch. He was as blank as a half note. He faced the surrounding oscillations and the awaking resonance shaking his ears. She leaned her arms on the top of his head and looked at the shaking vibrations.

No sound.

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