Activating word patterns in the brain by tape-recorder techniques

“Assassins often hear voices telling them to kill. Are these voices necessarily imaginary? Directional mikes can project voices. Top secret research on lasers is concerned with sending thoughts. Experiments in Norway indicate the possibility of activating word patterns in the brain by tape-recorder techniques.”

The Job: Interviews with William S. Burroughs, Daniel Odier.

CRANC #01 [viernes 27 de mayo, Barcelona]


Cranc es un nuevo proyecto de proyecciones de cine y video experimental, con debates posteriores, que se organiza una vez al mes en las instalaciones de la imprenta L’Automàtica situada en el barrio de Gracia de Barcelona.

El viernes 27 de mayo se inaugura esta iniciativa con la presentación de la primera edición de la editorial Angular (un libro y un DVD cuya caja se ha producido en la misma imprenta) y una muestra de trabajos de la realizadora Blanca Rego (cuya pieza Engram (optical sound #001) es una de las que forma parte de la compilación de Angular). Esta primera sesión, dividida en dos partes diferenciadas, propone un diálogo estético y semántico entre trabajos que investigan las posibilidades cinemáticas y acústicas tanto de las herramientas fílmicas como de los dispositivos digitales.

Viernes 27 de mayo a las 20h
5€ con consumición
C/ de la Legalitat, 18.
M L4 Joanic, L3 Fontana

1º parte:​ Angular

Remote (2011) Jesse McLean​. Video. 11 min
Tokyo-Ebisu (2010) Tomonari Nishikawa. 16 mm/ Video. 5 min
Wingdings Love Letter / Places With Meaning (2012 – 2013) Sc​o​tt Fitzpatrick​. 16 mm/ Video. 5 min.

​2º parte: Blanca Rego

Engram (optical sound #001) (2013) Video. 2 min.
You must be complex to want simplicity (2014) Video. 1 min.
Due to Violent Content, and Flashing Lights with Strobe Effects, Viewer Discretion Advised (2015) Video. 1 min.
Nonobjective Cinema (2015) Video. 2 min.
Computer Music Studies: Untitled (2015) Video. 2 min.
Rainbow Britte (2012) Video. 7 min.​
Time-Space Compression​ (2015) Video. 2 min.​
Psycho 60/98 (2016) Video. 6 min.​​

The female body is a deviation

“Whenever male bodies are represented as monstrous in the horror film they assume characteristics usually associated with the female body: they experience a blood cycle, change shape, bleed, give birth, become pen­etrable, are castrated. Traditionally, the male body has been viewed as norm; the female body a deviation.”

Dark Desires: Male Masochism in the Horror Film, Barbara Creed.

The sexuality of the loud noise

— You made a loud noise.
— You didn’t make umbrage with the loud noise. You made umbrage with the fact that you’ve got a load of gay people in a straight bar. That’s what you’ve got your problem with. Admit it, just admit it.
— No…
— Absolutely admit it.
— The sexuality of the loud noise was not an issue with me, it was the fact that the noise was loud.
— Oh, right, so it’s just merely a matter of decibels.

Weekend (2011).

Poison (1991)


Poison (1991), Todd Haynes.

I think that Poison was the first film I watched by Todd Haynes, many years ago. I’ve seen all his films and I like all of them, but Poison and Velvet Goldmine hold a special place in my heart (Velvet Goldmine is probably on my top 10 favourite films of all times).

God is prowling around with a tape recorder

“When nobody cares, then shame ceases to exist and we can all return to the Garden of Eden without any God prowling around like a house dick with a tape recorder”.

Playback from Eden to Watergate, Williams S. Burroughs.

No image. No color. Just blackness

“Dreams getting worse. Usually in nightmares you see what you’re scared of. Not in my case. No image. No color. Just blackness and then in the distance, getting closer and closer, beginning to pierce some strange ever-present roar, sounds, voices, sometimes just a few, sometimes a multitude, and one by one, all of them starting to scream.

Do you know what it’s like to wake up from a dream you haven’t seen? Well for one thing, you’re not sure if you were dreaming or not.”

House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski.

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