@ Festival APOLLO 4 [20 - 26 novembre, Boucau, Anglet (France)]


Festival APOLLO 4 . art & musique

avec AA tigre, _blank, Sandra Cuesta, Gérard Dalla Santa, Alain Fleig, Guilh’em All, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Béranger Laymond, Leve, Mikel R. Nieto, Pavane, Hugo Pernet, Sajjra, Cindy Sherman, Meredith Sparks, Deborah Turbeville.

BOUCAU . Apollo . 20-26/11

ANGLET . Baroja . 26/11 + 14/01

BAYONNE . DIDAM . 01/12-17/01

En écho à une mélancolie propre à la saison hivernale, l’esprit absorbe la poésie des souvenirs, la nostalgie des lieux, l’esthétique des films noirs, les corps en présence, les voix intérieures. Une zone grise se dessine, incertaine, insaisissable, où s’agglomèrent des fragments de l’existence et d’où s’échappent des envies d’ailleurs.

Une exploration entre art contemporain et musique.

Pour commencer…

Vendredi 20 novembre, 18h30: Inauguration de l’exposition Partie 1, Salle Apollo, Boucau.

avec Béranger Laymond, Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Sandra Cuesta, _blank

Exposition ouverte tous les jours du 20 au 26/11, de 14h à 19h. Entrée libre.

Visite commentée le dimanche 22/11 à 16h.

Samedi 21 novembre, 20h30: Concerts, Salle Apollo, Boucau.

AA Tigre (minimal folk, Quintana del Castillo).

projet Leve (séance d’écoute, édition limitée à 250 ex. de vinyles conçus par des artistes et musiciens).

Guilh’em All (indus, musique concrète et rotative, techno approximative, Villefranche-de-Rouergue).

Computer Music Studies: (vidéos, quand le son devient image, par Mikel R. Nieto (San Sebastian) y _blank (Barcelona))

Ambiance slows et rock and roll, dans l’exposition. Entrée 6 euros.


Jeudi 26 novembre, 20h30: Performance AV, Ecuries de Baroja, Anglet.

avec Mikel R. Nieto y _blank: Standing in the meeting of two eternities .

Les recherches de Mikel R. Nieto portent sur la captation de sons et sur leurs mises en situation. _blank travaille sur les médias visuels et sur les interactions directes son/image. En duo, à l’issue d’une résidence de 4 jours, ils vont investir les Ecuries de Baroja pour proposer une expérience intense, dans un épais brouillard, entre projections lumineuses hypnotiques et vibrations sonores. Entrée libre. Réservation au 05 59 58 35 60.

Direction artistique: François Loustau / La Maison. Informations au 06 80 68 80 38.

Evénement Facebook. Programme en pièce jointe.

A Singing Comet @ Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinémas (RISC) – 9e édition [21-28 November, Marseille]


One of my films, A Singing Comet, will be screened at Rencontres Internationales Sciences et Cinémas (RISC) – 9e édition (Marseille, France) on Sunday 22 November – 14h.

You can check the complete program of the festival on their website.

Trailer for The Spaces Between Cities

Something in which I’ve participated…

EXcinema commissioned twenty films by twenty international experimental filmmakers spread across four continents to create one feature length road film. Featuring: Amy Bassin, Mark Bickley, Stephen Broomer , Charles Chadwick, Pip Chodorov, Konstantinos-Antonios Goutos, Pablo Molina Guerrero, Salise Hughes, Douglas Katelus, Anna Kipervaser, Kate Lain, Insa Langhorst, Jesse Malmed, Milan Milosavlijevic, Reed O’Beirne, Arto Polus, Ben Popp, Blanca Rego, Margaret Rorison, Dustin Zemel, Robert Zverina.

We’re all one beat away from becoming elevator music


The Paris Review: Don DeLillo, The Art of Fiction No. 135

I love flashing lights warnings from films and TV shows

Warning: This film contains flashing images and stroboscopic sequences

This one is from A Field in England by Ben Wheatley. I remade the original intertitle that I had because it was a bit small for a HD video.

Due to Violent Content, and Flashing Lights with Strobe Effects, Viewer Discretion Advised

This one is from Hannibal, my favourite TV series ever (it’s from “Takiawase”, season 2 episode 4). The DVD doesn’t include this warning at the beginning of the episode, but it was there when it was broadcasted on TV.

Computer Music Studies

During last month, I spent most of my time making a series of audiovisual pieces entitled Computer Music Studies. The sound, and the title, are by Mikel R. Nieto, who provided me with twenty tracks. This work was made for Nokodek Festival.

The initial idea was to make a series of audiovisual pieces based on digital feedback. That is, using configurations in which the audio output returns to the audio input, generating an internal digital feedback which usually is nonlinear and difficult to control. The sound was generated in an autonomous way using different configurations of the same pattern. (I don’t know which audio software used Mikel, if you’re interested in the sound tracks you should ask him).

The video track is not feedback, but data bending, which I guess could be understood as a kind of digital feedback because it uses a stream of data—in this case audio data—to generate another kind of file—in this case an image file. It’s not feedback, obviously, because I’m not routing the output back as an input, but in certain sense I’m routing the ‘output’ data of one format as an ‘input’ for another. In any case, it’s not generative, it was made frame by frame.

What I did was splitting the audio tracks in fragments of around 41.67 milliseconds—the equivalent to one video frame—using Audacity. I saved all those files as .raw, then I opened them in Photoshop, and I saved them as .jpg. So, what you hear and what you see are exactly the same data.

This video is just one of the twenty pieces, the complete work is around 40 minutes. It can’t be played live, because the data bending part is almost ‘handmade’—the conversion phase is not automatic, it’s painstakingly slow—, so even it was made for a music festival it’s more like a series of films than ‘live cinema’. Machine music for machines.

Light either burns or scratches film

“Light, lens concentrated, either burns negative film to a chemical crisp which, when lab washed, exhibits the blackened pattern of its ruin or, reversal film, scratches the emulsion to eventually bleed it white. Light, again lens concentrated, pierces white and casts its shadow patterned self to reflect upon the spectator.”

Metaphors on vision, Stan Brakhage.

Do not make a noise


A New Spanish Grammar; or, The Elements of the Spanish Language (1800).

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