Cure by music

“One of our favorite scenes is the ‘cure by music,’ in which the sick man (a melancholic) receives sweet melodies through one ear as if the better to appease or chase away the ringing he seems to be suffering from in the other, which he supports with his open palm.”

Listen: A History of Our Ears, Peter Szendy.

_blank @ Caudorella (Barcelona), 21 March 2014

CDO Play | 18:20 – 19:00
Auditorium CCCB (Barcelona)
Cau d’Orella

Human footprints on digital ground

Spanish artist _blank´s self-proclaimed obsession with the sound-image relationship culminates in a live performance that involves listening to images and watching sounds. Her multilayered exercise based on straightforward conversion from one format to another, the experience of watching exactly what you are hearing and vice versa is the purest form of (digital) synesthesia. Despite the automatic audio generation process, “I wouldn’t say that there’s no artistic manipulation at all,” says _blank, “because there’s always a manipulation, or some conscious decisions.”

_blank’s work, with its curious background story that is essential to understanding the artwork, emphasizes another feature of the events: the artist-participant interaction. Nerone refers to this interaction as an “essential factor in the festival experience,” and encourages audience participation in daily dialogues with the artists and the professionals, saying: “The interaction is an important process for both sides, as artists are many times positively influenced by the dialogue generated with their audiences.”

Sibel Tinar, FLIC Magazine.

Podcast MUTEK + interview Hunger Culture

Podcast for MUTEK and interview (Spanish) for Hunger Culture.

Exuberant Politics Exhibition (March 1-April 8, 2014, Iowa City, USA)


Next month one of my pieces (A New World Disorder) will be at the Exuberant Politics Exhibition at The University of Iowa, a multi-site celebration of art, activism, and political feeling around the world.

More information

_blank @ Mutek (Barcelona), 8 March 2014

Next month I’ll be playing at Mutek (Barcelona). Right now I’m preparing the live show and it’s a lot of work as I’m creating the visuals frame by frame! I’m converting each little bit of sound into an image saving it as raw, the result is more or less what you can see in the video.

The original sounds are from a cassette released by Lovethechaos.

Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona), 8 March 2014, 20:00.


“Stigmergy is a mechanism of indirect coordination between agents or actions. The principle is that the trace left in the environment by an action stimulates the performance of a next action, by the same or a different agent. In that way, subsequent actions tend to reinforce and build on each other, leading to the spontaneous emergence of coherent, apparently systematic activity.”


Via: ‏@an9r3a

La muerte es una constante en el mundo del netaudio…

«La muerte es una constante en el mundo del netaudio, como en casi todas partes. Hay sellos que desparecen de golpe y otros que van dejando de moverse poco a poco. Hay plataformas que se quedan congeladas en el aire y personas cargadas de entusiasmo que de repente se caen al suelo. “Thanks for your netlabel” es un proyecto sobre los sellos virtuales que dejan de existir, o, más radicalmente, sobre el anunciado (y probablemente real) fin de la era de los netlabels. Más que un proyecto, es un meta-sello que ha editado un recopilatorio compuesto de reinterpretaciones sonoras y gráficas, en clave abstracta, de varios de los referentes históricos de la escena netlabel: Monotonik, Napster o Archive aparecen así hechos picadillo digital, sublimados en bits, reducidos a su mínima expresión. Resultado del trabajo conjunto de Blanca Rego y Mikel R. Nieto, “Thanks for your netlabel” es, en definitiva, una obra conceptual que invita a reflexionar sobre hacia dónde va (y sobre hacia dónde irá) la música libre.»

Gloria González, Blisstopic.

Standing in the Meeting of Two Eternities

Standing In the Meeting of Two Eternities propone una experiencia audiovisual inmersiva compuesta a partir de hidrofonías (grabaciones subacuáticas), humo y luz. El espacio desdibujado por la niebla y el color evoca la profundidad del mar, así como la frontera entre lo físico y lo etéreo.

Mikel R. Nieto + Blanca Rego (yo misma)

Martes 14 de enero de 2014, 19 h.
MediaEstruch, Sala multimedia 10.
L’Estruch Fàbrica de Creació,
Sant Isidre 142 Sabadell.
Entrada libre.

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