RGB Colour Model – First Prize of Jury at Punto y Raya Festival


“This film’s perceptual manipulations make productive use of after-images and other visual effects. The jury was impressed by the positive expanded cinema challenge that this film presented to its audience.” —First Prize: RGB Colour Model

What a great news! What a great honour!

The Neon Demon


Noise is the unconsciousness of music

“The Merzbow noise is abstract, minimal, deprived of mimetic content. Its effect is immediate, an overload of the nervous system, not being able to sort out the information into categories of relevant and irrelevant – hence the normal reaction of fear and discomfort when confronted with Merzbow noise. ‘Noise is the unconsciousness of music’, Merzbow states, in the same way as his other main interest, pornography and bondage, is the unconsciousness of sex.”

The Aesthetics of Noise, Torben Sangild.

Love to get my eyes assaulted

I’ve created a Patreon for Glifcker…

I’ve created a Patreon for Glifcker, I don’t know if this kind of things work, but I would like to dedicate more time to this, so I thought it was worth a try…

Beauty isn’t everything. It’s the only thing.


Dark Sound: This page is intentionally left blank (or black)



Dark Sound | Mikel R. Nieto

Two Regimes of Madness


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