Hinterland 2

[First post about Hinterland] I have 3.669 photos of my desk and I’m gonna stop here. 3.669 images are 2:26 minutos of video —usually animations are made using 12 images per second, but I always use 25, one per frame (I work in PAL).

I’ve already edited all those images and I have a first video, now I’m working on the titles and thinking about the sound. My first idea about the sound was using a recording of an old 16mm projector, but now I think that maybe it’s better idea to record the sound from the app 8mm, because the initial concept was making ‘fake cinema’ with digital gadgets.

UPDATE: Finally I’ve decided that I’m not gonna use the sound from the app 8mm, the loop is too short and obvious. I’ve been searching and I’ve chosen a recording of a 16mm projector that I’ve found at freesound by someone named al_sub. Anyway, I’ve used 8mm to create the titles, recording the computer screen.

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