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緣分 (Yuanfen)

Yuan (simplified Chinese: 缘; traditional Chinese: 緣) or Yuanfen (simplified Chinese: 缘分; traditional Chinese: 緣分; pinyin: yuánfèn; Vietnamese: duyên phận), ‘fateful coincidence,’ is a concept in the Chinese folk religion describing good and bad chances and potential relationships. It can also be translated as ‘destiny, luck as conditioned by one’s past,’ or ‘natural affinity among friends.’ It is comparable to the concept of karma in Buddhism, but yuanfen is interactive rather than individual.


Yuan (缘) or Yuanfen (缘份) is a Buddhist-related Chinese concept that means the predetermined principle that dictates a person’s relationships and encounters, usually positive, such as the affinity among friends or lovers. In common usage the term can be defined as the ‘binding force’ that links two persons together in any relationship. The concept of synchronicity from the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung can be seen as similar to yuanfen, which Chinese people also believe to be a universal force governing the happening of things to some people at some places. Yuanfen belongs to the family of concepts known in theology as determinism.”

Buddhism: Details about ‘Yuanfen’

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