I think a need a new clang

He turned away and sauntered across the sound wave. How did he walk with his loudness per second? She came nearer and heard his teeth. A block of white noise brought out the darkness of her eyes. She looked at him. She smelled him. Rainwater perfume. Water to sound.

“Listen to what you can of me.”

He echoed in the bare wavelength.

“Your clanking noises.”

And then, silence.

It’s beyond my modulation

“Why is everything so fucking loud?”

She changed her pitch. As she followed him out into a new sound wave, she seemed out of synch. He was as blank as a half note. He faced the surrounding oscillations and the awaking resonance shaking his ears. She leaned her arms on the top of his head and looked at the shaking vibrations.

No sound.

Let me put my sound inside your noise

There are many sounds of dashing disappearance, and she’d lick all of them off his flesh.

“Would you let me bite your ear?”

The wild effects of his noise enchained her to his body; and in spite of the rapidity with which the sound hit her subconscious ear she heard his din.

“Your noise excites me so much I can’t hear myself.”

But of these hundreds, I listen to only one


Without a sound he went and locked the door.

“Sound or no sound, or all the sounds at once, it matters not; I hear you all the same.”

“If it be so, noise.”

He actually noised her as they disappeared into the sound wave. He continued doing the same again every 21Hz. She began to clap his ears, and his malleus sparkled. All at once they heard their bones.

She ended up falling on her knees and pledging him eternal noise

tuning fork

“Would you let me rattle your ear?”

Sometimes noise becomes silence; as there are many layers in the soundscape and very little sound in the subconscious ear. She could hear his nerves clicking, their sound frightened her a little. Why was everything so quiet? She couldn’t wait to listen to his loudness, to be intimate with his noise.

“If you hear me, you’re alive. Those who cannot hear do not notice their bodies.”

She used to hear her own blood, now she was hearing an approaching train. She was looking for her silence and she found his noise. She phoned his heart, but it was off, it couldn’t hear her. It was beyond her frequency spectrum.