The Best Button Badge Designs of 2016

Button Badge Design by Blanca Rego

One of my data bending/glitch/sound illustrations/designs has been featured in an article published in the Digital Arts magazine website. “The Best Button Badge Designs of 2016 now available as prints”.

I found this by chance, and it’s a bit funny because I spent a lot of years translating articles for the Spanish version of that magazine. Anyway, my design is not available as print, but if you like it you can buy the button badge.

Otherwise he would collapse inwards upon the great dark void

“…life was a hollow shell all round him, roaring and clattering like the sound of the sea, a noise in which he participated externally, and inside this hollow shell was all the darkness and fearful space of death … otherwise he would collapse inwards upon the great dark void which circled at the centre of his soul … Something must come with him into the hollow void of death in his soul, fill it up, and so equalise the pressure within to the pressure without. For day by day he felt more and more like a bubble filled with darkness, round which whirled the iridescence of his consciousness, and upon which the pressure of the outer world, the outer life, roared vastly.”

Women in Love, D. H. Lawrence.

The instinct for chaos had entered

“Even in the machine, there should be equality. No part should be subordinate to any other part: all should be equal. The instinct for chaos had entered. Mystic equality lies in being, not in having or in doing, which are processes. In function and process, one man, one part, must of necessity be subordinate to another. It is a condition of being. But the desire for chaos had risen, and the idea of mechanical equality was the weapon of disruption which should execute the will of man, the will for chaos.”

Women in Love, D. H. Lawrence.


• Arduino The Documentary (2010) [watch]

Dead Set (2008)
Charlie Brooker

Misfits, Season 2 (2010)
Howard Overman

Sherlock, Season 1 (2010)
Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat

Dexter, Season 5 (2010)

Breaking Bad, Seasons 1-3 (2008-2010)
Vince Gilligan

Sons of Anarchy, Season 3 (2010)
Kurt Sutter

How I Met Your Mother, Seasons 1-5 (2005-2010)
Carter Bays and Craig Thomas

The Big Bang Theory, Seasons 1-3 (2007-2010)
Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady

The four mists of chaos

The     Four     Mists     of     Chaos,
                    the     North,     the     East,
                                the     West,
                       and     the     South,
                        went     to     visit     Chaos
  He     treated     them     all     very     kindly
                and     when     they     were     
thinking     of     leaving,
         they     consulted     among     themselves
    how     they     might     repay     his     
   Since     they     had     noticed     that     he
     had                  no      holes      in      his
     body,                                    as      they
     each      had                  (eyes,      nose,
     mouth,      ears,      etc.),
               they      decided                  each
     day                  to      provide      him
             with      an      opening.
                                  At      the      end
    of      seven      days,
           Kwang-tse      tells      us,
                         Chaos                    died.

Indeterminancy by John Cage

Noise & Chaos

“Scientists often say that any uncertainty in an observation is due to noise, without really defining exactly what the noise is, other than that which obscures our vision of whatever we are trying to measure, be it the length of a table, the number of rabbits in a garden, or the midday temperature. Noise gives rise to observational uncertainty, chaos helps us to understand how small uncertainties can become large uncertainties, once we have a model for the noise. Some of the insights gleaned from chaos lie in clarifying the role(s) noise plays in the dynamics of uncertainty in the quantitative sciences. Noise has become much more interesting, as the study of chaos forces us to look again at what we might mean by the concept of a ‘True’ value.”

Chaos: A Very Short Introduction by Leonard Smith