SismografoSeries Vol.29 _blank

A mixtape made for Sismógrafo Series. The only condition was to use music published with free licences.


1 Yan Jun – In for Rain [van Dieren/LUFF]
2 Bangkai Angsa – Byzantine [self-released]
3 INM.IN – Suffer Means You’re Alive [self-released]
4 COG : NULL – UGG ADDBOOTS NOISE [self-released]
5 Scrap Heap – Tentative [Oceanbase]
6 Vhom – pobv_3m58s_009 [Experimedia]
7 Salakapakka Sound System – Homoerotic Rallies of the 3rd Reich [self-released]
8 Alexei Borisov & Olga Nosova – _ASTMA IgE Untitled 14 [Picpack]
9 Apophallation – Sexual Side of Depression [Dadaist Audio]
10 Rioteer – Heavy Metal Sleep Deprivation [Vatican Analog]
11 Å – Monacal (Cistercian Period of the Abbey) [self-released]
12 Uton – Spiritual Brain Treatment [We Have No Zen!]
13 Clemens – Dead Ends [tecnoNucleo]
14 Noise Attack – Schizoid [CSIndustrial 1982-2010]
15 Sophina La Kitty – Meowzbow [self-released]
16 Katie Gately – Hymncycle [self-released by Schemawound]
17 Valentina Vuksic – Xwoaf from Floppy on Compaq Armada E500 [Zeromoon]
18 Origami Subtropika – 2 minutos [Zeromoon]
19 Marta Zapparoli – Turbulence of the Soul [Zeromoon]
20 Post-Avantist– Repeat This Mantra [self-released]
21 Yukiga Futte Uresii – Nymphomaniac Block Spiral [self-released]

Radius Episode 62

Graphic Mark is a conceptual sound piece based on the Radius logo. Instead of using audio software, I used graphic software. However, Graphic Mark is not an arbitrary audification of data; rather, it is a direct translation made by converting the original image file into a sound file. The work is a reflection upon the relationship between image and sound, and also of synesthesia and what is gained and lost in translation.

More at Radius

Framework Radio #503: 2015.03.15 [blanca rego]

Today Framework Radio has published #503: 2015.03.15 [blanca rego], which is my third rain remix—the first one is unpublished, the second one was made for Détour.

In this case, all sound recordings are from Galicia (mainly A Coruña) and Catalunya (mainly Barcelona), the two places were I’ve lived during long periods of time—in fact, the podcast starts with a recording made at my childhood/teenage bedroom and ends with a recording made at one of my last places at Barcelona, the only flat where I’ve lived alone.

You can listen to the podcast and find more information about it at Framework Radio.

Thanks to:
Patrick McGinley | Iago González | Chiu Longina | Marco Maril | Carlos Suárez | Justin Bennett | Philippe Faujas | Pedro Montesinos | Pablo Sanz | Mikel R. Nieto

Give me back my broken nights

At some point during the 2000s I used to go to gothic clubs. I’ve never been a darkwave or synthpop fan, but there’re some specific songs from the 90/00s that I like, and another ones that I find pretty kitsch and funny.

Some dark synthpop German bands, as And One, are really funny; Wolfsheim are a little too pop for me but they have some good songs; other bands, as Beborn Beton or De/Vision, are just too bland and cliché. In any case, what I find interesting is the fact of listening to that kind of dark music at night clubs; it’s a bit incongruous, to say the least, but it’s also intriguing.

The German dark synthpop from the 90s evolved into something that I find much more interesting, bands like Haujobb and Klangstabil. Haujobb, Klangstabil or Alec Empire are not darkwave or synthpop per se, but synthpop have some things in common with electronic industrial music, and most gothic clubs play both kinds of music (among a lot of other things).

I genuinely like And One, and some specific albums by Wolfsheim and Covenant, but I prefer Haujobb and Klangstabil. In fact, Klangstabil is one of my favourite electronic industrial bands—Taking Nothing Seriously is a really great album. I’ve seen a lot of these bands live here (in Barcelona) and at some German festivals, as Wave-Gotik-Treffen and Maschinenfest, and I have some good and fucked-up memories of that time…