Psychogeography links

All these links are taken from the book Psychogeography by Merlin Coverley [read]:

Association of Autonomous Astronauts
Decadent Action
International Psychogeographic Society
London Psychogeographical Association
New York Psychogeographical Association
Urban Adventure in Rotterdam
Wrights & Sights/Mis-Guide
Classic Cafes (The Psychogeography of the Café)
Nothingness.Org & The Situationist Archives
Psychogeography Links Collection
Situationist International Online

Eight delegates in a state of semi-drunkenness

“In July 1957 this pre-situationist phase of largely unproductive navel-gazing finally came to an end, as the Situationist International was founded at a ‘conference’ in Alba in Italy. What was presented in typically grandiloquent style, as the merger of the Lettrist International and Asger Jorn’s International Movement for an Imaginist Bauhaus, was in reality eight delegates ‘in a state of semi-drunkenness’ meeting in a remote bar and this pub lunch-cum-party conference was bolstered by the attendance of the London Psychogeograhical Association in the form of its single and only known member, Ralph Rumney. It was from these humble origins that the Situationist International was to emerge.”

Merlin Coverley


• Medicina tradicional china [leer]
Daniel Reid. Ediciones Urano. 1999.

Anarchism: A Very Short Introduction
Colin Ward. Oxford University Press. 2004.

The Laws of Simplicity
John Maeda. The MIT Press. 2006.

• A User’s Guide to Détournement [read]
Guy Debord & Gil J Wolman. 1956.

• On Found Poetry (A FOUND INTRODUCTION) [read]
John Robert Colombo
From Open Poetry, (Ronald Gross & George Quasha, eds., 1973)

• A Day in the Life of a Musician [read]
Erik Satie

• Dead and Gone
Charlaine Harris. 2009.