The Best Button Badge Designs of 2016

Button Badge Design by Blanca Rego

One of my data bending/glitch/sound illustrations/designs has been featured in an article published in the Digital Arts magazine website. “The Best Button Badge Designs of 2016 now available as prints”.

I found this by chance, and it’s a bit funny because I spent a lot of years translating articles for the Spanish version of that magazine. Anyway, my design is not available as print, but if you like it you can buy the button badge.

Retinal response to rapidly changing frames

“They rejected subjectivism, expressiveness, narrative, and direct social reference and focused instead on the medium’s formal and material properties … flicker films were about retinal response to rapidly changing frames … structural film also inquired into the spectator’s perceptual activity … flicker and single-frame films engaged the psycho-physics of vision.”

“Structural Film: Noise”, Juan A. Suárez, in Still Moving: Between Cinema and Photography.


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