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Tasks, tasks and more tasks…

Lately I’ve been working a lot. Besides my ‘official’ job as translator and my own projects I’m collaborating (as part of mediateletipos) with the festival Sensxperiment and we have a lot of things in perspective.

Right now we are already publishing some texts on the subject of the festival, Sensory Immersion, but we are also preparing the first exhibition, centred in the Dreamachine. Today I’ve finished the translation of the film FLicKeR, by Nik Sheehan, that will be one of the two stars of the exhibition, the other one will be, of course, a Dreamachine.

I hadn’t translated subtitles before and it’s a hard job, and quite slow. Fortunately, we had the original transcript in English, but still I’ve had to check the film continually.

Is Sunday and I’ve been working all day, and tomorrow the week stars again with its usual rhythm and tasks. Right now it’s raining, but I’m to tired to go out and record this wonderful sound…

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