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Television insinuates itself into our personal lives

“Television, says Shaviro, ‘is part of our everyday experience; it quietly insinuates itself into our personal lives. We get so deeply involved with television precisely because it doesn’t imperiously demand our attention. It is simply there, day in and day out, like wallpaper or a piece of furniture.'”

Motion[less] Pictures: The Cinema of Stasis, Justin Remes.

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  1. What you say is really interesting. I’ve never understood the difference between “hot medium” and “cold medium” because for me most media are hot and cold at the same time. Cinema, for example, is supposed to be a “hot medium” because it’s really absorbent and not “interactive”, but I think that cinema is much more interactive, in a emotional and cerebral sense, that other media that require a psychical interaction. I don’t own a TV, but I watch very specific TV series that I really love, so I guess that for me television is a hot medium, but as I think that something that is only interactive in a psychical sense is not really interactive (Lev Manovich explained this very well in “The Language of New Media”), I guess that for me television is very interactive and therefore also a cold media.

  2. This seems like searching for the correlation in our behavior knowing that we never may handle all the content that is streaming through our consciousness.

    Though there is in many cases a button we might press or not – depending on our very own decision how it should sound in the “cold” desert when heading out from the “hot” tube.