Digital Materialism


2015, single-channel video, HD 1920x1080px, loop.

One day I asked myself if it was possible to create a materialist film (showing the material itself) using digital means. With this question in mind, I shot a photo without removing the lens cover of my digital camera. Obviously, the photo was completely black, but when I increased the brightness, suddenly I could see numerous white and blue dead pixels.

I shot one photo after another until the memory card of the camera was full (7,669 images). This video piece is the result of that operation, what you see are all those images in the same order in which they were shot. The result is a hypnotic abstract loop that reminds of a starry sky.

Even the inspiration were the abstract materialist films from the 70s, the result is very different from that celluloid film experiments. Here, we also see the material, but the material is not physical, is something so distant, obscure, and mysterious as the night sky.

• Intersección – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival, Cine París, 22 Oct 2022, A Coruña (Spain).

Group Exhibitions:
• CYNETART Festival 2017: “Enlightenment For The Nerd”, Dresden, Germany.

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