Hinterland (Materialist Film #001)


2012, single-channel video, HD 1280x720px, 02:55min.

Made from 3,669 photos of my desk shot using Hipstamatic. The titles were shot with another app called 8mm, and the sound is from a real 16mm projector. The initial idea was to create ‘materialist cinema’ using digital gadgets and apps that imitate retro aesthetics.

The term ‘hinterland’ is German and means literally “the land behind”. Hinterland is also used in English with several meanings, all related to spaces that surround or are behind other space.

• Intersección – Contemporary Audiovisual Art Festival, Cine París, 22 Oct 2022, A Coruña (Spain).
• Festival du Film Espagnol de Toulouse (2015, Toulouse, France).
• Total Refreshment Centre (2013, London, UK).
• DAS2015 (2012, Belfast, Northern Ireland).