The Sound Screen


A sound series based on film soundtracks. Some of the pieces are remixes, other complete reimaginations. The last release (#5) was made for an article that I wrote about rain in films published at Détour magazine.

The Sound Screen #04: Based on Queen of the Damned, a campy vampire film. The subject is the relationship between ecstasy and death. As Bataille said, “the urge towards love, pushed to its limit, is an urge toward death”.

The Sound Screen #03: Based on the film Bronson by Nicolas Winding Refn. In a conceptual sense, The Day I Discovered Violence is about anguish, violence and impotence.

The Sound Screen #02: A remix of experimental optical sound films soundtracks.

The Sound Screen #01: Based on two similar romantic comedies from the 50s/60s: Pillow Talk (1959) and Lover Come Back (1961), both starred by Rock Hudson and Doris Day. In a conceptual sense, “Droolworthy” is about feminine sexual desire.

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