This is not Cinema


Live AV performance / live cinema, around 30 minutes.

This is not cinema was born as an ironic remark on the digital obsession of imitating the look of old chemical and analog media, but also as a reflection on the blurry lines between film and video, two media closely linked to each other that seem to be eternally confronted. It is a live performance based on digital videos recorded using low-fidelity digital devices, but inspired by the 60s and 70s flicker films by Peter Kubelka, Tony Conrad and Paul Sharits.

The intro images are digital videos, and the flickering colours are animated GIFs, both recorded directly from a computer screen using an iPod Touch app called 8mm that imitates 8mm film. As it is a work inspired in structuralist cinema, the duration and the rhythm of the flickering colours are based on the Fibonacci Sequence. The colours change following a sequence based on their wavelength, from red to blue.

The sound was generated from the frames, converting them first to .raw and then to .aiff, a data bending technique inspired in the experimental optical sound films from the 70s . It is not ‘optical sound’, obviously, but it’s a digital method based on the same idea (you see what you hear), and the resulting sounds are similar to those from the original optical sound experimental films (Synchromy by Norman McLaren, Dresden Dynamo by Lis Rhodes, Railings by Guy Sherwin, etc.)

Live shows:

• El cine revelado (9th March 2014, CA2M, Móstoles, Spain).

• Metrópolis – El cine revelado (from 23:34, in Spanish).

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