Frame of the experimental film Tximist.

2016, single-channel video loop (07:27min), HD 1280x720px.

A night of thunderstorm in Donostia (Spain). Darkness and silence are interrupted by bursts of light and noise from the atmosphere that disrupt our relationship with space during fleeting moments. The flashing sky remits to a twilight state between consciousness and unconsciousness; a relationship with the environment, with ourselves and with others, ever changing and uncertain.

‘Tximist’ is a Basque word that gives name to lightning from an onomatopoeic sound interpretation. However, what we hear is not the sound of the lightning storm, but the video frames, a digital interpretation (the frames themselves read as audio) that translates the visual realm—the geographical—to the aural realm—the affective.

• El sonido y el cine experimental (3 December, 2016, Fundación Juan March, Madrid, Spain).

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